Thursday, February 8, 2018

From Clouds to Sea

This is the lake where I was born.  This is the dock where Vince and I had our first kiss!

We have been fortunate enough to live and experience different climates on our big blue marble including, the mountains, desert, ocean gulf, river and lake.  My first impressions of water was the lake resort town where I was born and lived for 18 years.  I remember taking swimming lessons when I was about 4 and I still have vivid memories of sticking my face in the water practicing blowing bubbles.  As I got older, the lake was my playground and my home.  During the hot summer months the lake would often have algae blooms and I would come out of the water covered in thick green slime and smelling oh so lovely!    The algae would choke the oxygen out of the water and as I would raise my head there was usually a large dead catfish in my face.  Of all the places we have lived, I have always loved being near water the most. 

I love Coimbra with the Rio Mondego only a 5 minute walk from our house.  It is peaceful, quiet and welcoming.  And I get to be near it every day.

When we take cruises I love just being on the ocean.  I could very easily not see land for weeks and be in heaven.  To see the curve of the earth at the horizon is spectacular and I like to float in the pool, while floating in the ocean, while floating in the Universe. 

These pictures are from Kauai, Hawaii

 This is a video of the Mermaid Fountain at Allerton Gardens in Kauai

This picture was taken at Hobbiton in Matamata, New Zealand

We met some very like minded people from Taneatua, New Zealand.  During our time together they shared with us the gift of Maori culture, history and celebrations and we came away with our hearts filled with love.  Thank you Mel and Max!

 Another beautiful Maori quote

This is by far the most favorite thing I have ever written.

I Am

I am rain splashing into a babbling brook. Gently floating on sunshine
I am the babbling brook stretching and swelling bouncing off rocks, jumping over the precipice and crashing to the bottom
I am a giant river fast and deep, excited, anticipating home
I am the Ocean caring for species unknown
I evaporate and become the clouds
I am rain